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10/10 - Ben Eshbach and Matthew Kelly have wrapped up a record under the name Soviet League. The record has twelve songs and is slated for release in mid November. Go here to hear samples.

The Sugarplastic are doing a co-residency with The Autumns at Spaceland every Friday night in May. Tickets are $10 at the door, but if you want to get in for 1/2 price ($5) just send us an email at and ask to be put on the 1/2 price list. Include your name (first and last) and the date you want to go. Fridays in May fall on the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th. You can do this multiple times if you want to come every Friday.

For more information on Spaceland, click here...

Dave Cunningham is getting married in March. As he and Yolanda prepare for the big adhesion the Sugarplastic is rehearsing for the recording of their next CD with drummer Mike McCurdy - another LA native. We'll keep you posted.
The CD release of 7x7x7 is Monday, October 10th. This release is free for all who subscribed to the 7x7x7 series. If you are a subscriber to 7x7x7 you MUST email Tallboy Records and update/confirm your mailing information. You may email Tallboy by clicking here.

If you did not subscribe to 7x7x7, then the CD is available thruough Tallboy Records for $8.00 incl. shipping for US orders, $10 incl. shipping for everywhere else. Or buy it at CDBaby